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AIT’s Taxi App provides the option to book Cabs directly and through Agencies as well. With the help of Web Application (Agencies' Portal), one can manage cars and drivers. Mobile Application will be for End-Users as well as for Drivers. It provides real time access to the current location of drivers and users. Our simple Interface enables the Agencies to assign cars & drivers from their computers and Drivers can update ride status with the end users on real time basis.

Our Customized Taxi Application will help the business owners to acquire the growing business sectors. In this emerging markets, just plan your own venture with our readily available mobile based application.

Product Highlights

Firm Quotes

Know exactly what you will pay before ordering a car. Our Application will provide you the estimated pricing as per the Ride Estimation Metre.

Transparent Pricing

No surge pay, regardless of demand, weather, and traffic. Our application will never charge you extra money and it will be transparent to the end-user.

Ride Now or Later

Get a car ASAP or pre-book car in advance. We believe in top-class quality service and you can book your car as per your best suitable timings.

Fast Pickups

With an average pickup time of 3-5 minutes, we're never too far away. Even with Book Later option, your car will be available at your doorsteps on time.

Cashless Payment

Add your card in the app or money into the wallet to pay quickly and securely. You will get the option of Digital Payment with our value added application.

Multiple Drop Locations

Plan your ride with your dear ones to reach the destination. Our Application will provide you the option of multiple booking locations, so that one can plan their rides with friends and mates.

Install & Update from App Stores

Taxi App is available on Android Play Store and Apple App Store. Users can download Taxi App from any of these platforms.



End User could book rides through
multiple Agencies or drivers.


Agency will Manage, Allocate Drivers
& Cars from Admin Panel (Web App)


Driver could
Accept/Reject Rides.


End User could track
rides on Real Time basis.

Web Application for Agencies

  • Agencies could manage their Cars & Drivers through Web Portal.
  • Agencies can customize their pricing as per the services available.
  • Agencies can also Affiliate cars from other agencies in case of unavailability of vehicles.

Mobile Application for End User

  • Users can book ride directly through multiple drivers or agencies.
  • Multiple Options to choose the best prices or offers.
  • Multiple Drop Locations will be available for users.
  • Real Time Tracking of location and cars from user’s end.

Mobile Application for Drivers

  • Drivers can Accept/Reject Rides as per their choice.
  • Real Time updates on Ride requests and Customer Reviews.
  • Driver could also Rate their rides.

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