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Electronic Health Record System

With the advancement in science and technology, it is suffice to say that human is living a smoother and convenient lifestyle. The advancement has played a great role in healthcare industry and no doubt that electronic health records system is a perfect example of the same. With such digital technology it is possible to gather the seamless flow of information. EHR is the abbreviation of Electronic health records whose ability is to exchange the health information in an electronic format and thus offers the patients with high quality if safety cares. It offers the better management to make sure patients is treated in a right manner.

Know More about EHR

AIT is one stop digital healthcare solution catering to healthcare professionals and patients. It digitize all transactions, documents, medical records in hospitals and clinics by eliminating all sort of traditional paper works. This digitized platform connects general public with doctors by providing real time authentic solutions and suggestions as per their needs.

The prime features of using this system is –

  • Managing user settings
  • Health records
  • Messages
  • Billing information
  • Setting the appointments
  • Runs on Desktop & Laptop
  • Excusive App for both Android & iOS

Such type of digital technological advancement contains patient’s medical history, user profile, and test results that are well protected and are used only by the providers operating the patient.

Patient Health Record

Manage Profile

Maintain the record of the patient’s medication and also inform the doctor working on the patient to get the right information. PHR has a detailed record of the profile of the patient that includes the emergency staff to be contacted, medications followed so far, and life threatening allergies if any.


The best part about using such PHR tool is it is password protected. It means each profile of the patient is well segregated and protected by password for security reasons. This is only known to people who created the password and who require the information of the patient.

Doctors Profile Management


With the EHR tool, doctors can also update their profile to let the patients know about them under whom will be undertaking the treatment. Thus, in case, patient or the family members are hesitant they can check the qualification and experience along with doctor’s profile who will be taking care of the case.


In case, doctor want to know the list of patients that had been undergone treatment under care, can get the same in the favourites section.


Again, the details of the doctor’s profile cannot be tampered as it is well protected by the EHR for better security reasons. In case, doctor wants to add extra details, the password will be provided and again changed for better security.

Hospital Management System


It has the list of all the patients who has believed in the team working in the hospital. It also has all the details of doctors who have more demand in the healthcare department.


EHR offers a good detail about the history, construction and reputation of the hospital in which your patient is admitted.

Manage User

It also helps the doctor and his team to understand every patient’s problem as it manages the profile of each patient. Also if new member in the healthcare department joins, the details of the same are saved.

Logo Printing

In case, there is any kind of receipt to be given the same can be presented to the family with the logo of the hospital which EHR takes care.


All the history of the payment along with the taxes is also maintained by EHR which is a convenient option.

Change Password

All the above details are well protected by a password so there is no risk of any misuse. The password can only be handled by administer and needs to be changed as the person leaves the job.

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