My Finance Wallet Manager

My Finance is the single source platform where you can actually track your daily expenses. You can also track your Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable in your daily life. Our customized Application is well versed with smart Analytical reports and many more eye catching features.

My Finance is a simple tool to help you manage your transactions; you can see on what you're spending your money. Keep your wallet under control with My Finance Wallet Manager by viewing on what you spent money and when you did it. With profiles, you can make several transactions that can be managed independently.

“Image Capturing” is the smart feature that is available just to track and remind your daily expenses. It provides the option of “Save & Print Balance Sheet” for both Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable.

Key Points

Multi-Currency Option

It will be helpful for travellers to keep tracking of their expenses as per the multiple currencies of that particular country.

Accounts Payable

You can track your payable amount with this wallet manager.

Accounts Receivable

Also you can track your receivable amount with my finance expense manager.

Tax Calculator

My finance will show the expenses with VAT calculation as per your need / choice.

Report Export

You can save or take print out of your balance sheet for reference.

Payable & Receivable Reminder

As per your requirement you can set reminder for accounts payable & receivable.

SMS & Email Notification

One can create the payment notification in terms of SMS & Email to set reminder for Receivable Amount.


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