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Subscription wise Publications/Articles/magazines/Latest Trends

Our Magazine Application is fully editable with content as per your requirement. Any sort of Publications, Magazines, and Articles etc. can be showcase on our Mobile based Application.

We have currently two sections on it. The app is free to download with Previous Issues (Old Publications/Articles). We also offer one optional subscription package with Latest Issues (Updated Publications / Articles). Latest Issues include a range of recent articles or publications to get updated with latest issues with diversified knowledge.

Religious books/articles
can be broadcast

Educational Materials
can also be showcase

Story books for children, novels,
biography, adventure, inspiration etc.

Religious lessons
from various gurus

Use in-app pdf reader to read your very own
magazines at anytime from anywhere.


Latest Issues

Latest Issues

New Publications/Trends or Articles with
diversified Knowledge

Previous Issues

Previous Issues

Old Publications or Articles with
diversified knowledge



Filter your articles with subject
names at a single place

My Topics

My Topics

You can make note and track your knowledge
to share with your friends and family

Coming Soon


Personalised the app according to your interests.
Bookmark your favourite Publication/Article for
faster accessibility

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