Operation Management Software

Task Tracker and Status Reviewer for Procurement Entities

Automate the purchase process: from the initial purchase order till the invoicing and payment. The software can also maintain a product inventory and gather data to improve profitability.

It helps the Management and Employees in sourcing up-to-date status of on-going procurement activities. We have multiple roles for your convenience which is totally customisable.

Manager, Co-ordinator & Sourcing Executive are the roles in our platform which is purely customizable as per your own business requirements.

Source Executive – Receive Quotes & Inquiries

  • Receive notifications
  • View all the fields posted by the coordinator
  • View all inquiry options that would be available and will be shown the status as open
  • Show Due Date for every inquiry
  • Plus sign (+) indicates Remaining Days; & Minus sign (-) indicates Passed Days

Coordinator – Can float inquiries & also can change status of inquiries

  • Editing inquiry status, Expected quote date and comments will be possible, Float Inquiry fields - Inquiry title, Customer Name
  • Assign to (multiple assignees) with Status
  • Status fields: Open, Quote received, Deal Won, Deal Lost, Frozen, Dead.
  • Comments field (for open text entry)
  • All details of inquiry will be sent in terms of email and you can also provide certain information in comments section

Manager – Admin Access

  • The manager will have all the admin access
  • Includes the functionalities of Coordinator & Source Executive
  • Check the status of inquiries by comparing the ratio in between Deal Won & Deal Lost

Procurement App - Mobile Application

By looking the usability percentage of Mobile device, we have introduced Mobile Application as well for Operation Management System.

Our Procurement App is completely customizable as per your business requirements. Kindly feel free to contact us to get your readily available Procurement Software to control your Operation Management.

This messenger is available for Android and iOS.

Procurement App

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